ISPOCAN SPRAY 16 aerosol


Ispocan Spray 16 is a premium high tack aerosol adhesive which does not contain any CFC’s.
Ispocan Spray 16 bonds a wide variety of materials giving a rapid and strong bond formation and is economical in use.

Ispocan Spray 16 is suitable for bonding most materials used in the upholstery industry such as hessian, foams, fibrous materials, fabrics, insulation, polythene foam, etc. to themselves and wood, metal etc.
Ispocan Spray 16 is also suitable for sticking un-gummed labels, paper, cardboard etc. to a variety of packaging materials.

Do not use on flexible PVC or expanded polystyrene.


  • Uniform spray
  • Fast easy application
  • Fast Drying
  • Low odour
  • Long Open Time
  • Bonds to a wide variety of substrates