ISPOHYBRID 55 is a one part, high modulus, MS polymer based. Once extruded it cures by reaction to the atmospheric moisture to form a high performance, permanently flexible elastic adhesive.


ISPOHYBRID 55 is a powerful and versatile adhesive sealant for all jobs involving sealing & bonding regarding a wide range of materials including metals, sheet steel (galvanized, plated and painted), untreated or anodized aluminum, brass, copper, glass, GRP, wood, concrete and many rigid plastics. For use in elastic, structural bonding applications in industrial (assembling of insulated panels; vibration-proof bonding and sealing on components made of steel, aluminum, wood GRP and other plastics materials and painted surface), automotive, transportation (coach, caravan, refrigerated vehicles, containers) and marine, where a tough flexible rubber joint or powerful elastic adhesive is required.